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The General’s Daughter: Ethan, iniligtas sa kapahamakan sina Elai May 15, 2019 10:53 PM

The cards are in favor of Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) as he holds the biggest aces in his game called vengeance. First, he plays with Rhian’s (Angel Locsin) weaknesses and manipulates her into killing Marcial (Albert Martinez) in exchange of Elai’s (Arjo Atayde) safety.

But, Tiyago ensures that Rhian won’t be able to make any move against him. He sends Elai home and gives him pieces of balloons loaded with a harmful gas; ready to pop as soon as Rhian aborts her mission.

Rhian demands Tiyago to get rid of the balloons but Tiyago says he won’t do so until Rhian finishes her task. Unknown to Rhian, Tiyago orders his men to burst the balloons whether she would adhere to her mission or not.

Rhian arrives at the cemetery to meet with Marcial. Yet, before she is able to fire a bullet, Corazon (Eula Valdes) comes running and discloses a revelation that would change Rhian’s life. She tells Rhian her true identity. While the de Leons are in an emotional encounter and the Guerreros are watching them from a corner, Elai is on his way home.

Sabel and her friends stand by at the school where Elai is said to be dropped off. Sabel dashes to Elai and wraps him in a tight embrace; while crying out of both worries and relief.
Elai greets his friends and distributes the balloons to the other kids, saying a ‘surprise’ will pop up in just a while.

Apparently, Sabel contacted Corazon beforehand to ask for help so Ethan (JC de Vera)’s troop arrives and captures Tiyago’s men. Ethan orders his men to take the balloons out for proper disposal as one suspect speaks up about the imminent danger.

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