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The General’s Daughter: Amelia, nangako na di iiwan si Tiyago May 15, 2019 10:59 PM


Just as when he thought he’s on the winning side, Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) surprisingly faces his failure as the truth about Rhian’s (Angel Locsin) identity comes out in the open.

Using Elai (Arjo Atayde) as bait, Tiyago orders Rhian to meet and kill Marcial (Albert Martinez). But, in the middle of Rhian and Marcial’s face off, Tiyago gets surprised at the arrival of Corazon (Eula Valdes). Tiyago and Amelia (Janice de Belen) watch the scene from a corner, not knowing that the de Leons are already tackling the truth.

Tiyago smiles in content as Marcial falls off the ground after receiving Rhian’s bullet, not knowing that it was just Rhian’s tactic. Amelia ignites a shootout by targeting Rhian.

In their face-off, Tiyago still tries to manipulate Rhian into believing all his lies. Yet, Rhian has known better this time. Marcial and Corazon soon arrive and point their guns at Tiyago, until Amelia joins in the intense confrontation as well.

Three de Leons versus two Guerreros, yet, Marcial simply lets the opponents slip away. While on their way back home, Tiyago and Amelia wonder how the de Leons discovered the truth. Amelia says she has already dispatched everyone who might speak up about Rhian’s identity.

Upon arriving at the hideout, Amelia starts preparing for their escape while Tiyago is still dumbfounded with the series of events. Amelia approaches her husband and promises to never leave his side. She assures Tiyago that no one will manage to bring him down, even if Rhian and Marcial join their forces.
Unknown to Tiyago and Amelia, Rhian already called the authorities to disclose their whereabouts.

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