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The General’s Daughter: Marcial, iginiit ang pagsuko ni Rhian May 23, 2019 11:35 PM

Greg’s (Nonie Buencamino) suspicion over Marcial (Albert Martinez) grows stronger. He senses as though Marcial is trying to conceal an explosive lead especially pertaining to Rhian (Angel Locsin). He orders his reliable soldier, Alex (Janice Hung) to tail behind Marcial and investigate on his alleged secrets.

Fortunately, the wise general is able to spot and escape from the vehicle trying to follow his way to their safe house where Rhian is sheltered. At home, the de Leon family talks about the cons of keeping Rhian, or Arabella’s whereabouts a secret.

Jessie (Ryza Cenon) shows her hidden rage towards Rhian by boldly asking her to surrender to the authorities, adding that her presence will only add more trouble. However, Rhian insists her innocence; hence, her reluctance to pay for the felonies accused of her. Besides, she knows how much Jessie wanted to kick her out of the house; and Rhian claims she won’t try to please others either. After all, she can move and capture Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) on her own.

This started out a heated confrontation between Rhian and Jessie. The siblings raise their voice at one another in front of their parents until Marcial stops their quarrel.

Marcial calmly asks Rhian to trust him in his decision to let her come out and clear her name. Still, Rhian asserts she would only do so until the military gets Tiyago from his hideout. Otherwise, Rhian would fight for Tiyago’s innocent victims like Ethan (JC de Vera), Elai (Arjo Atyade) and Sabel (Maricel Soriano). Corazon (Eula Valdes) sticks by Rhian’s side and agrees on her decision.

Later on, Corazon approaches Marcial to inquire on his final decision. Corazon fears losing Rhian behind bars after two decades of searching for her. Yet, Marcial clarifies that Rhian’s imprisonment will not last long. He promises to protect Rhian as long as he is still in the service.

Sabel meddles with Corazon and Marcial’s conversation. She advises them to keep their patience in winning Rhian’s trust as the latter was raised by Tiyago with a cold heart.

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