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The General’s Daughter: Tiyago, ipinakilala na sa alyansa si Franco May 23, 2019 11:37 PM

Rhian’s (Angel Locsin) absence becomes Franco’s (Paulo Avelino) gain. Now that Rhian has totally withdrawn allegiance from Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) after finding out her true identity, Franco replaces her in the post she has long been trained and prepared for.

To start with, Tiyago introduces Franco to several members of the organization. He says Franco is the best choice and has long been proving himself worthy of the leadership. Vera (Dionne Monsanto) speaks in behalf of the other members and says Franco has already gained their trust. He appears impressive, after all. The only thing Vera and the other allies hope for is that the new commander may live up to all their expectations.

After the meeting, Tiyago briefs Franco of his duties. There is no room for error, Tiyago’s number one rule. He also orders Franco to clean up Rhian’s mess as the organization has already found out what happened.
Meanwhile, Ivan (Ronnie Alonte) approaches his brother after seeing him quite troubled and displeased despite gaining the post he has worked so hard for.

Franco believes he was simply made to fill in the gap Rhian left behind. If only Rhian was still there, the highly-coveted spot would still belong to her. Franco asserts he doesn’t want to simply win by default; he wants Tiyago to pick between him and Rhian in a fair manner.

Ivan teases Franco of just longing for Rhian’s presence; pushing his brother to walk away in an attempt to hide his feelings.

Later on, Armando (Art Acuna) talks to his son and emphasizes Franco’s task of killing Rhian to ensure their own and the organization’s success.

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