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The General’s Daughter: Elai, pinayuhan si Corazon tungkol kay Rhian May 23, 2019 11:39 PM

Corazon (Eula Valdes) tries her best to show her affection towards Rhian (Angel Locsin) by giving her the most simple and grandest gestures of love; such as giving her a glass of milk at bedtime, engaging her in delightful conversations to get to know each other better, and organizing a surprise welcome/birthday party. However, there are times when Rhian gets uncomfortable with the child-like treatment she’s getting. She feels clueless and lost; not knowing where to begin.

Rhian helps Corazon the kitchen. All throughout Corazon’s talks, Rhian is noticeably shy and she only respinds with either a smile or a short reply. But, she becomes more cheery when Sabel (Maricel Soriano) comes in to get Elai (Arjo Atayde) a glass of water. Corazon remains silent at Rhian’s obvious fondness for Sabel.
Rhian gets a burn in her arm while sauteing the spices. She quickly excuses herself out of the kitchen to treat her wound; resisting Corazon’s help.

After treating her injury, Rhian finds Sabel scrubbing the floor. She asks Sabel to stop exhausting herself from the chore but, since Sabel would insist, Rhian decides to just help her out and leave Corazon at the kitchen.
Corazon comes out and secretly watches Rhian and Sabel’s undeniable warmth towards each other. Later on, Corazon and Sabel engage in a slight argument.

Sabel is not naïve not to notice Corazon’s cold treatment. She knows it has something to do with Rhian. So, she innocently offers Corazon some help in winning Rhian’s heart, saying the Rhian they lost is far different from the Rhian that came back two decades after.

Corazon is not displeased with Sabel’s attempt to give pointers. She asserts knowing what to do especially regarding her own daughter’s well-being. Rhian and Elai come in and catch Corazon’s stern manner of talking with Sabel.

Later on, Corazon finds Elai cleaning up the table. Answering Elai’s queries, Corazon admits feeling jealous with Sabel.

Elai tells Corazon that there’s nothing wrong with letting other people love Rhian as well. After all, Rhian needs more support and affection because of all the pain she’s gone through.

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