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The General’s Daughter: Greg, tuloy ang hinala kay Marcial May 23, 2019 11:40 PM

Greg’s (Nonie Buencamino) suspicion over Marcial (Albert Martinez) grows stronger. He senses as though Marcial is trying to conceal an explosive lead especially pertaining to Rhian (Angel Locsin). He orders his reliable soldier, Alex (Janice Hung) to tail behind Marcial and investigate on his alleged secrets. Fortunately, the wise general is able to spot and escape from the vehicle trying to follow his way to their safe house where Rhian is sheltered.

At the camp, Greg briefs several troopers involved with the search for Rhian and Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III). They watch a series of online videos of Tiyago’s supporters declaring his noble acts as a philanthropist. Unfortunately, these materials have already gone viral and Tiyago has gained more followers as a result. Greg throws in a malicious statement saying Filipinos are known for their tenderness and the ability to forgive easily.

Then, Greg observes that Jessie (Ryza Cenon) seems unfocused and troubled. After adjourning the meeting, Greg asks Jessie to stay a bit for a short discussion. He inquires on the problems Jessie is going through, especially that of related to Marcial. He tries to manipulate Jessie by obtaining her allegiance to the service over personal matters even if it involves her own family.

As soon as Jessie leaves the room, Alex expresses her certainty that, just like Marcial, Jessie is trying to hide something. Greg thinks about this possibility as well.

Outside the conference room, Greg approaches Ethan (JC de Vera) and tries to dig up his past relationship with Rhian. Not wanting to appear impolite, Ethan simply says their romance was just a part of Rhian’s lies, but he doesn’t want to look back at it as much as possible.

Greg also tries to influence Ethan’s principles by pushing his loyalty to the service over personal affairs. He boldly opens up his suspicion that Marcial is guarding Rhian’s whereabouts.
Later on, Jopet (Pocholo Barretto) informs Jessie about Greg’s distrust over Marcial.

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