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“The Good Son” will surely play on viewers’ minds every night as its story centers on four brothers who come from different families and search for the truth to prove their innocence in their father’s sudden death.

Rising teen star Joshua Garcia plays the role of Joseph, Racquel’s (Mylene Dizon) kind and responsible son, who does everything to give his family a good life. His brother Obet (McCoy De Leon) is his partner-in-crime, who brings them laughter and serves as their source of happiness.

They live a simple, happy life even if they are not with their father Victor (Albert Martinez), who keeps their identity a secret, even to his legitimate sons Enzo (Jerome Ponce) and Calvin (Nash Aguas), with the help of his legal wife Olivia (Eula Valdez) to maintain their good reputation.

However, just as they think their lives will go on without them knowing each other’s existence, their paths cross as they receive the worst news of their lives — Victor dies after being poisoned, and his four sons are the primary suspects for the crime.

This marks the start of Joseph, Obet, Enzo, and Calvin’s battle to prove their innocence and testify their undying love for their father against people’s judgement and accusations.

Who killed Victor? What does the future hold for the families he left? Who among his sons is the real good son?