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REVIEW: Heart-wrenching, exceptional unmasking of Olivia on The Good Son

Gerry Plaza April 12,2018 08:41 AM


After all that has been said and done, it is apparent that the person with the sole, sure motivation to kill Victor Buenavidez (Albert Martinez) was actually his wife Olivia (Eula Valdez).


From the start, we all know how much their marriage was on the rocks with the threat of losing it all, and how Victor has shown his unmistakable preference for Raquel (Mylene Dizon), Olivia seemed to have every reason in the world to be the one we all wanted to unmask for so long.


And two days before The Good Son’s finale, we begin to know the truth as we start to witness the circumstances leading to Olivia’s dreadful act, while her son Enzo (Jerome Ponce) attempts to lure her into admitting it by falsely owning up to her crime.


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Police are wary of his “confession,” and told him they don’t have any evidence or anyone filing a formal charge against him, thus they could not book him. But all throughout the charade, Enzo clearly knows his mother is the one who poisoned his dad after his birthday, and he would not let her off the hook.


With the recorded conversation between her and Dado (Jeric Raval) blaring out of his phone, Enzo wanted Olivia to admit her wrongdoing. And even with that and another intense, heart-wrenching confrontation, Olivia wouldn’t budge—she still said she couldn’t do such a thing to his dad and said Dado had coerced her into revealing her culpability.


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While all these are happening, police get crucial testimony from employees of Victor’s rice company that they saw Olivia sneak out a bottle of poison as they were disposing them.


The #TGSTruth episode, written by Danica Mae S. Domingo, David Franche Diuco and Li Calendaria, well achieves its purpose—methodically exposing the truth about Olivia as logically and realistically as possible. The scenes are well laid out, thanks to directors Manny Q. Palo and Andoy Ranay’s superb creative execution.


But nothing quite compares to the exceptional acting from the cast. This time, it is Jerome Ponce who gave his best performance in the series, effectively depicting a son betrayed by the lies of his own mother. Eula Valdez, meanwhile, remains the remarkable actress as she efficiently feigns her innocence with great emotional progression despite her obvious guilt.


It was a fitting preparation towards the climactic ending we all eagerly await.


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