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Ang PINAKA Challenge with Jerome, Joshua, Nash and McCoy April 14, 2018 01:08 PM



For a moment, the entire country released one deep sigh of relief. The murder of Victor Buenavidez has finally been solved. It was a story that began with the loss of a life and ended with a fresh start for Joseph, Obet, Calvin and Enzo. The Good Son gave every Kapamilya some of the most memorable performances from Calvin’s realization that Justin is just a figment of his mental condition to Joseph’s suicide attempt after his mother’s tragic death. As we bid farewell to another successful Kapamilya teleserye, fans can surely expect that it won’t be long until these talented young actors grace us with another project.




Before completely saying our good byes, these four who have kept us company every night these past seven months is giving us some last-minute treats. This was supposed to be the Pinaka Challenge, but for some reason it became a get to know more about Jerome Ponce video. Whether it was just a prank on him or he really is the  ‘good son’ among them in real life, it was refreshing to see McCoy de Leon, Joshua Garcia, Nash Aguas and Jerome just being boys having a good laugh.