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Kapamilya Confessions with Jerome, Joshua, Nash and McCoy April 15, 2018 02:29 PM

After a successful seven-month long emotional roller coaster ride, one of the biggest revelations on television history was made. We all held our breath as the The Good Son took fans through tight turns, steep slopes and seemingly endless loops. In the end, there was nothing more satisfying than finding out who the real murderer was behind the tragic story that unfolded. But apparently, the truth bombs don’t stop there.
Nash Aguas, McCoy de Leon, Jerome Ponce and Joshua Garcia hosted their episode of Kapamilya Confessions to talk about their lives, working on The Good Son and future projects. Joshua admitted that is was very intimidating to work with veteran actress Eula Valdez. The last video Nash shot on his phone was Jerome and Joshua’s parody of the viral “you’re road” video. And when it comes to their love lives, they all seem comfortable on cloud nine.
They also mentioned their next projects, and we’re not surprised that they’re going to be busy in the years to come. Who knows when fans will get to see them together again, so if you’re already missing these four, then feel free to watch this video on repeat.