THE GREATEST LOVE is the story of one woman’s unconditional, uncompromising, all-encompassing love for her children and one family’s struggle to mend their relationships torn apart by the secrets of the past.

Gloria Guerrero never missed an important moment in her lifetime, each memory captured with a camera and preserved for eternity in black and white. She’s an unconventional woman raised in the 70s, a time of social turmoil and constant struggle. Her father, a photographer in Bagong Ilog, a small town in the north raised her alone after the death of her mother.

Young Gloria falls in love with Peter—a boatman – and together they build dreams and make promises to each other. When Peter goes abroad to prepare for a better life for Gloria and his family, Andres, a combo member smitten with Gloria, starts courting Gloria. Andres is a determined young man who would stop at nothing to get what he wants. Soon, he gets Gloria pregnant, leaving her with no other option but forget Peter and marry Andres. As a couple, they decide to leave Bagong Ilog and settle in Andres’ hometown of San Ildefonso.  

As her family grows, Gloria has to perform various roles in her family and community. Only one role gives her peace and fulfillment – as a mother to her four children: Amanda, Andrei, Rafael (Paeng) and Lizelle. Gloria embraces the role happily, giving her best to her children, shielding them from the all the pain that life could bring – even if she has to suffer for it.

But Gloria learns that even motherhood, like all other things in life, comes with its own issues and secrets. And when that secret is unveiled, the family falls apart.

Now in her senior years and her children living their own lives, all that Gloria has are her memories. But even the memories are increasingly becoming difficult to grasp – she is starting to lose them.

Gloria is diagnosed to be suffering from early on-set Alzheimer’s disease.

Gloria races against time as she tries to relive her memories one last time – memories that she wants to leave as a legacy to her children. But she finds that her children are having “dementia” moments of their own – they have chosen to forget the love that used to keep them together. Now it’s up to Gloria to remind them – before she herself forgets.