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IN PHOTOS: Maja Salvador’s comeback look on The Killer Bride

Mary Ann Bardinas August 29, 2019 02:09 AM
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“The stage set and the real work begins.”

Avid viewers of the well-loved gothic-romance series The Killer Bride were completely mind-blown and horrified upon seeing the August 28 episode, wherein the presumed demised titular character made a shocking, not to mention stunning, comeback.

WATCH: Maja Salvador is back on The Killer Bride!

Clad in an elegant all-white ensemble and towering red stilettos, which she matched with bold red lips and wavy stress, everyone were surely dumbfounded when a fiercer and bolder Camila Dela Torre (Maja Salvador) emerged on our screens and even had an intriguing conversation with Emma (Janella Salvador) that totally drove us nuts!

As we watched them talk, it can be implied that the two have known one another for a very long time and that was not their first encounter, despite the frightened look on Emma’s face, as the woman asked “Kumusta, Emma?” Prior to that, she even made us believe that Camila once again possessed her as she languidly walked towards the old, abandoned church, which used to be the rendezvous of the recurring character and her beau Vito Dela Cuesta (Geoff Eigenmann).

Camila then clapped her hands slowly and uttered, “Such a good actress, Emma”, much to our surprise. She told her to stop acting and assured her that there’s only the two of them on that place, which painted a smile on the face of the mysterious lady. What Emma did was indeed perplexing, but what stirred us more was when she eloquently spoke in English and listened intently to every word that Camila said. She even vowed to help her attain justice that she’s been longing for.

Apart from dominating the primetime block through its undisputed high ratings, The Killer Bride also skyrocketed into the top trending topics here in the Philippines on Twitter not only taking one slot but nine! While majority were gushing about the explosive, unforeseen plot twist the creators unraveled, a lot of netizens also weren’t able to contain how utterly delighted they were to see Camila again, not as a ghost, but alive! 

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Last night’s trending episode, dubbed #TheKillerBrideFaceOfFear, did not only leave us shocked and disconcerted, but it also spawned to a lot of questions we’re all surely dying to get answers on, such as how Camila managed to escape from the fire? What is her connection with Emma? How did they plan to exact revenge to the people of Las Espadas, especially to those who made her life a living hell? Who Emma really is?

Yearning to find out the intriguing answers to these questions? You better not dare miss the next episodes of The Killer Bride, weeknights on Primetime Bida.