Boy Abunda

Boy Abunda

When Boy Abunda talks, everyone listens.

As one of the premier publicists in the 80's, Eugenio Abunda Jr. launched and cemented the careers of noted Filipino performers. His influence in the entertainment industry stretched to talent development, as he established Backroom Inc., one of the leading artist management agencies in the country.

For more than two decades, Boy has been reigning as television's King of Talk. His signature brand of intelligent opinions, direct questions and ingenious conversations has engaged Filipinos all over the world. He has set the unbeatable standard of asking the right questions and getting the most wanted answers. He has blazed the trail for the local talk show format by creating and hosting groundbreaking programs, such as "The Buzz", "Kontrobersyal", "Private Conversations" and "The Bottomline". Having been inducted to various award giving bodies' halls of fame - Boy is undoubtedly the definitive Talk Icon in Pinoy Pop Culture.

Now, Boy is balancing his hosting duties together with his commitments as one of the country's most trusted endorsers and public speakers. As founder of the Make Your Nanay Proud foundation, he actively supports different projects for the LGBT community, women empowerment, and youth education.