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WATCH: Uncut interview with Juliana Parizcova Segovia on Tonight With Boy Abunda July 19, 2018 03:39 PM

We watched for weeks as she fought for her dreams and listened to her raw emotions in every answer she gave. In the July 18 episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda, she finally shared her story. Yet there is still more the madlang people don’t know about the head that wears crown.

Juliana Parizcova Segovia has proven that she deserves to be the first ever Miss Q and A, from her steadfast stance to her loud and clear voice. There was a point, however, that she didn’t believe it was possible for her to win.

One contestant she looked out for from the beginning was Matrica Matmat Centino. They were all aware of the experience she carried which is why she was feared. But in time of the finals, Elsa Droga Mendoza became the number one threat. Juliana recounted that right before she was named the winner of their Debattle, most of the crowd were chanting Elsa’s name. At that moment, she accepted her defeat. Now that the pageant has passed, what’s important is the bond that they created and that they’re all moving forward together.

Juliana’s top priority is her and her mom’s new home. In fact, win or lose, it was always her plan to invest in a home. Her prayers before the grand finals were the house and lot. She didn’t think about what to do with the cash prize, “kasi kaya ko naman pagtrabahuhan ‘yong kakainin naming mag-nanay.” Her mom isn’t getting any younger which is why she wanted to gift her with a house as soon as possible to show her gratitude.

Growing up, Juliana’s mom had to leave and work abroad. This created a rift between them, “ang tagal niyang pinakiramdaman.” Turns out, there are instances when they feel like they don’t know each other. Instead of holding a grudge, she still understands why her mom had to make that decision and now works hard to rekindle their daughter-and-mother relationship.

Aside from the prizes, Juliana already has a busy schedule ahead of her. She’s now on Funny Ka, Pare Ko with Karla Estrada and Bayani Agbayani. Fans can also expect to see her soon on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Although her role is still a secret, she has been on set for three days and has met Susan Roces who praised her, saying “ang galing-galing mo, kuhang kuha mo ‘yong puso ko at naluha ako sa sagot mo.” They’re also considering making her an official judge in Miss Q & A’s second season.

The ball is rolling and the madlang people will definitely see more of Juliana. So, find out everything you need to know about her in this uncut version of the episode.

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