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TWBA: Kiko, ibinahagi ang malaking naitulong ni Devon sa kanyang buhay March 08, 2019 12:23 AM

Kiko Estrada was once told by grandfather, veteran actor Paquito Diaz that he expects him to follow his footsteps and live up to his legacy in showbiz. Weeks after that conversation, Paquito died. Kiko was left thinking how he could accomplish his Lolo’s expectations. The pressure and the sadness over his Lolo’s death have just brought Kiko into a state of depression.

Kiko admits not having the will to continue living that time and even his drive to wake up in the morning was gone. But a speck of light came along in the person of actress Devon Seron.

In his interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the actor shares that Devon has given him the hope to move forward and become a better person. Kiko says that until now, Devon is giving him the inspiration to pursue his dreams and they are exclusively dating as well.

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