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TWBA UNCUT: Yamyam Gucong and Fumiya Sankai’s full interview with Tito Boy! April 17, 2019 01:51 AM

The “Laugh Team” Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong received loud and enthusiastic cheers from their own set of fans when they guested in Tonight With Boy Abunda. The funny duo may look too different in the facade, with Fumiya looking every inch a pure Japanese while Yamyam is a reflection of a true Pinoy. Fumiya is not that fluent in English it and so is Yamyam whose mother tongue is the Bisaya dialect.

But despite the different races and language barrier, their friendship has grown deeper over time and they now call each other as “spiritual brothers”. Fumiya and Yamyam believe that they are soul mates. They may not be real brothers by blood but they treat one another as family by heart. In fact, secrets no longer have space in their friendship as they have already learned to become genuinely honest about their own lives and thoughts.

According to Fumiya, he and Yamyam had instant connection even just after their first meeting. They may have been challenged by language differences but they always share the same sentiments and opinion about almost everything. Yamyam, on the other hand, thinks that their jolly nature is the common attribute that binds them together.

Fumiya and Yamyam never fail to give audiences a good laugh through their comic chops; hence, their newest moniker, “The laugh team”. Yet, the funny duo’s relationship does not just revolve around silly antics but is also made stronger by the tears and sacrifices they both shared and made for one another.

More so, they both share the same kind of fire and determination as well.  Yamyam revealed that he had to give up his studies when he was in grade five in order to start earning a living for his family. The Cebu native had to try his hands at different jobs at a young age such as being a delivery boy, house boy, and a staff at a furniture company. It was his way of helping his family and saving for the future.

Fumiya, on the other hand, took up Hotel Management in college and had the chance to work at a hotel in Japan. But, he opted to resign from his post to give way to his desire of studying the English language in the Philippines. At first, he planned to take the course in the United States but he admitted that he did not have much money that time to support the cost of living in the said country. Fumiya arrived in the Philippines without any companion. Fortunately, a half Filipino half Japanese friend helped him look for an English tutor and gave him aid in his stay in the country. “I love Filipino attitude”, Fumiya related about the locals’ hospitality.