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TWBA: Ryza, “sinabunutan” si Tito Boy? May 16, 2019 12:44 AM

Despite her angelic face, Kapamilya actress Ryza Cenon can transform into the most hated ‘kontrabida’ in the small screen. In fact, she is portraying one in the action-drama series The General’s Daughter. The actress claims she never did once dream of becoming an antagonist or a protagonist; all she desired was to become an actress.

Yet, along her journey, Ryza has learned to fully embrace and enjoy the kontrabida stigma she received from the public’s eye. “Mas nalalaro mo ‘yung character, hindi katulad ng bida na plain lang ang character at kailangan mo lang ay maawa ang tao sa’yo”, Ryza shares as she talks about the fun of being the bad girl on television.

In The General’s Daughter, Ryza displays not just her kontrabida prowess but also her flair for the action genre. Taking on the role of Lt. Jessie de Leon, Ryza is required to do stunts and action scenes.
Starting off with the basic, Ryza demonstrates a typical punching scene with the King Of Talk Boy Abunda. According to Ryza, the actors involved in an action sequence must have a feel of each other’s movements to avoid injuries.

Behind the cameras, Ryza is into archery and painting. In her TWBA guesting, she plays along with Tito Boy as they hide behind the couches and imitate an action scene using bow and arrow as weapons. Ryza also displays her expertise in doing on-screen female squabble. But, how will she engage in a hair-pulling scene with Tito Boy? Ryza targets Tito Boy’s bushy eyebrows instead.

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