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TWBA: Ryza, ibinahagi kung paano siya nag-iipon ng pera May 16, 2019 12:45 AM

Kapamilya actress Ryza Cenon graces the set of Tonight with Boy Abunda and shares the things she’s most passionate about. For one, Ryza takes her acting career seriously. She has been in the industry for fifteen years but Ryza says nothing much has changed with her simple lifestyle. “Never akong nagmadali sa career ko. Wala akong insecurity sa katawan ko.

Kung may mas umangat man kaysa sa akin, ‘Okay, congrats!,’”, Ryza shares as she looks back on her career trail.

Despite her angelic face, Ryza can transform into the most hated ‘kontrabida’ in the small screen. She makes an effort of studying and owning the character she portrays.

In The General’s Daughter, Ryza displays not just her bad girl prowess but also her flair for the action genre. Taking on the role of Lt. Jessy de Leon, Ryza is required to do stunts and action scenes. Behind the cameras,Ryza is into archery and painting.

Another thing she’s good at is saving her hard-earned money through a simple jar technique. Ryza fills in separate jars with fifty and twenty peso bills and deposits the total amount in her bank account once the containers are full. Ryza’s money-saving tactic helped her keep sixty thousand pesos the last time. “Hindi mo mararamdaman na nag-iipon ka, eh. Kunwari ilalagay mo lang tapos ‘di mo mamamalayan meron ka na pa lang sixty thousand”, Ryza shares.

Another tip from Ryza is putting different labels on the jars indicating the specific thing that you’re eyeing, eg. house, travel, etc.

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