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FRIDAY 5: Most Unforgettable Catfights of Irene and Clara September 02, 2016 01:07 AM

For the past 7 months, the controversial and much-talked about afternoon melodrama “Tubig at Langis” has been firing up our afternoons with its nasty verbal showdowns, neck-breaking slaps, and brutal hair-pulling scenes that leave you wondering just how the show’s female stars still manage to have luxurious hair. This emotionally-charged series is closing its last chapter today but it definitely won’t be forgotten by viewers anytime soon. And as “Tubig at Langis” takes its final bow, let’s all fondly look back at 5 of the most unforgettably riveting catfights between Irene (Cristine Reyes) and Clara (Isabelle Daza).

Round 1 – Emboldened by the fact that she is carrying Natoy’s (Zanjoe Marudo) child, Clara confronts and insults Irene in a grocery store. She scoffs at the latter’s difficulty to conceive a child with Natoy. Irene gets fed up and puts Clara in her place by smacking her so hard, it jarred her bones.

Round 2 – Clara provokes Irene into fighting with her over Natoy’s love, but the latter just wouldn’t retaliate because of Clara’s pregnancy. Sensing an advantage, she relentlessly attacks Irene with her umbrella.

Round 3 – Clara’s mad jealousy flares up when she sees her own child being coddled by Irene and Natoy. In her rage, Clara pushes her rival to the ground and accuses her of trying to take away her baby. When Irene lashes back by stating that Clara is not even fit to be a mother, a violent altercation ensues.

Round 4 – Irene seeks retribution upon learning that Clara is behind her losing the company Happy Days. She coolly states that she personally came to deliver what Clara seems to always be looking for, her earth-staggering slaps.

Round 5 – Irene unleashes her full venom in the ultimate catfight that sent social media into a frenzy. Having been fed up with Clara’s never-ending schemes, Irene lets out a series of jabs, grabs a hold of Clara’s hair and drags the exasperating woman across the beach.