LILY DELOS SANTOS CRUZ, is raised by her loving parents who shower her with love and wisdom. Their family is content having a simple life, her mother as a school teacher and her father, a public attorney. But her father’s recent case brings threat to their

peaceful life, and so the family decides to relocate.

Lily’s family moves to the the small town of Sitio Ardiente, where they plan to set up a day care for her mother and her father’s own law firm. Lily easily finds friends, including Diego Ardiente, the youngest son of the Ardiente family.

The Ardiente family remains the most powerful political dynasty in the town.

Complications arise when Diego’s father, Raul, becomes smitten with Camia, Lily’s mother. This catches the attention of Emilia, the town’s mayor, wife of Raul, and mother of Diego. Raul sexually harasses Camia, causing Dante to file a case against him. But the Ardientes do not take threats lightly.  They waste no time in striking their wrath at Lily’s family.

Lily’s world crumbles. Her father suspiciously dies from a heart attack. And soon, Lily is further crushed when she witnesses the rape of her mother.  Lily sees her mother bleeding and dying.

However, Lily escapes. Alone and nowhere to go, Lily is devastated.  But a wealthy woman named Prianka Aguas saves Lily from the streets, giving Lily a home.

Lily grows up to be a smart and charming woman. When Priyanka dies, Lily inherits her fortune.  While it triggers her pain of losing a loved one again, Prianka has already equipped Lily with what she needs to seek the truth and justice for her parents.


Lily, amidst all her fortune feels deep loneliness. And now that she has the resources, she plans to seek justice for her parents.  Lily returns to the Ardiente town only to find that the family’s stronghold of the town is worse than ever, and more people suffer in the Ardiente rule.

Lily introduces herself as Ivy Aguas. Through her machinations, she plans to bring down the Ardientes, and help free the townspeople from the Ardiente power. But as Ivy continues with her plans, she slowly develops feelings for her long lost friend Diego, who remained to be pure in heart.  Her challenge is to sustain the love in her heart to pave way for forgiveness and justice. That through it all, love conquers evil, love heals, and love forgives.