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10 times Diego Torillo proved that he was a knight in shining armor

Mary Ann Bardinas February 06,2018 07:05 PM


He is definitely every woman’s ultimate dream guy at first glance. But what lies beneath his beautiful face and perfectly-chiseled body is a passionate and courageous heart who’s always ready to sacrifice even his own life in order to protect and save his loved ones.


Despite coming from the ruthless Ardiente clan, Diego Torillo (Joseph Marco) is totally different from them for he is morally upright and is compassionate towards other people. Thus, he didn’t only win the trust and admiration of the poblacion, but of his childhood sweetheart-turned-better half Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) as well.


Just when everything is doing well in the small municipality after Diego was hailed as the new governor, the corrupt and cold-blooded duo of Don Julio (Tirso Cruz III) and Emilia (Aiko Melendez) were back and ruined the celebration by gunning him down.


In three fatal shots, our cape-less hero’s life ended, sparking yet another retaliation scheme from Lily Cruz and their allies and putting a halt on the re-establishment of harmony in the town.


As we bid goodbye to the character we immensely loved for a year, let’s look at his storied and heartwarming journey as our selfless, uncompromising hero.


Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) might have forgotten everything about his past, but the people of Poblacion Ardiente hadn’t moved on yet with all his and his family’s evil deeds. Although he experienced the cruelty of his brother, Diego didn’t let them hit him and reminded that they should not put the law on their hands.


WATCH: Diego, pinigilan si Jepoy sa pambugbugbog kay Arnaldo 


In his attempt to witness the illegal operations of Red Dragon (Zsa Zsa Padilla) firsthand, he disguised as the Fake Jaguar by wearing his father’s headdress. He was close to getting caught when he failed to key in the correct passcode, until one of the henchmen appeared and handed the new passcode.


WATCH: Diego, nalagay ang buhay sa alanganin bilang si Jaguar 


Diego is really the people’s hero! His Lolo Julio’s (Tirso Cruz III) wickedness and corruption has already gotten into his nerves so he warned him that he wouldn’t surrender in stopping him on his evil motives.


WATCH: Diego, pinagbantaan si Julio 


There’s no more heart-wrenching and infuriating than your much loved, surrogate parents’ assassination right before your eyes. This amplified the wrath of our leading man to his grandfather and the yearning to kill him.


WATCH: Diego, pinuntahan si Julio upang ipaghiganti ang pagkamatay ng kanyang magulang 


Even though he reminded other people to not put the law on their hands, his Nanay Loring (Malou de Guzman) and Tatay Pandoy’s (Bodjie Pascua) death pushed him to the limits and gunned down their killer.


WATCH: Raul at Diego, nagtulong upang patayin si Sanggano 


Their fight against the powerful Ardiente clan is absolutely taxing and hopeless, especially for Lily who has been doing it since she was younger. Fortunately, her loyal fiancé then was there to support and accompany her all the way.


WATCH: Diego, binigyan ng lakas ng loob si Lily upang ipagtuloy ang laban ng Ardiente 


His intense love for his mi amore often puts Diego to difficult situations. But he’s still willing to do anything to rescue her…


WATCH: Damian at Diego, nagtulong sa paghahanap kina Lily at Camia 


…although he’s own life is at stake. Thankfully, the heavens are good to him as he is still alive yet bloody.


WATCH: Lily, naging emosyonal nang makitang ligtas at buhay si Diego 


Just when they thought that their wedding day would end in a peaceful honeymoon, they assumed it wrong. The deranged Arnaldo was able to track them down and ruin their special night by trying to slay his brother and reclaim Lily from him. Despite being in pain after being stabbed, he was still able to muster enough strength to save his wife.


WATCH: Arnaldo’s shocking death on Wildflower 


Lily’s life was in terrible danger again! Of course, Diego was there to rescue her. However this time, their allies are with him in exposing the wicked schemes of his family to the rest of Poblacion Ardiente.


WATCH: Diego, iniligtas si Lily mula sa kamatayan kasama ang taong bayan 


Now that Diego is gone, what future awaits his constituents? Can his wife Lily and their allies be able to track down the notorious father-and-daughter tandem and attain justice?


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