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Kapamilya Spotlight: AC Bonifacio January 09,2017 12:48 PM

AC, the “DANCE SWEETHEART” from Canada, joined the dance reality competition Dance Kids with Lucky Ancheta and they were called Lucky Aces.

The hip-hop duo was declared the first Dance Kids grand champion. They have also participated and won several competitions in the United States and Canada. They had two guestings at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and they also performed as back-up dancers in Ariana Grande's concert in Vancouver, Canada.

Even before Dance Kids, AC already tried competing as a solo performer in international dance competitions. She has been all over Canada, the United States, and some European countries. She is a Hall of Famer in Los Angeles and in Portland's International Dance Challenge. Aside from dancing, she also knows how to sing and in Kapamilya Chat, she sang Ariana Grande’s hit song “One Last Time”.