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WEEK 2 RANKING: Noel Comia, Jr. wins as Pepe Smith

ABS-CBN.com May 13,2018 09:04 PM

Last weekend, the young and talented kid contestants of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2 were trending topics on social media once again. Their amazing transformations into different music icons didn’t just entertain the viewers, they also proved that talent really knows no age. Today, let us recap their impressive performances and the Week 2 ranking.

Noel Comia, Jr. as Pepe Smith - 23 Stars

Noel Comia Jr. rocked the house with his jaw-dropping impersonation of Pepe Smith. His performance of the Pinoy rock icon’s “Beep Beep” impressed all three judges and he received 23 stars. He was declared the Week 2 winner and won a medal and Php50,000. His chosen charity, Noh School for Crippled Children, also received Php50,000 worth of books.

Krystal Brimner as Stevie Wonder - 19 Stars

Krystal Brimner brought the house down with her amazing transformation as Stevie Wonder and performed his hit song, “Overjoyed.” She received 19 stars from the judges, this week’s second placer.

TNT Boys as Apo Hiking Society - 19 Stars

Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto and Kiefer Sanchez, also known as the “TNT Boys,” impressed everyone when they transformed into the OPM legends, the APO Hiking Society. They sang the trio’s hit, “Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba,” and also received 19 stars from the judges, making them this week’s second placer as well.

Chunsa Jung as Sandara Park - 14 Stars

Chunsa Jung received lots of finger hearts or love when she became Korean superstar Sandara Park and performed 2NE1’s debut single, “Fire.”

Sheena Belarmino as Whitney Houston - 14 Stars

Sheena Belarmino impressed the judges once again when she transformed into another show-stopping performer, Whitney Houston, and sang her iconic song, “I Have Nothing.”

Marco Masa as Moira Dela Torre - 13 Stars

Marco Masa proved his versatility as a performer with his first performance as a woman. He impersonated Moira dela Torre and sang her famous single, “Titibo-tibo.”

Esang De Torres as Cher - 12 Stars

Esang De Torres showed off her amazing vocal skills when she became the Goddess of Pop, Cher, and performed her iconic song, “Believe”.

Onyok Pineda as APL De AP - 12 Stars

Onyok Pineda definitely charmed the audience when he transformed into the International Hiphop Sensation, apl.de.ap, and performed his famous song, “Bebot.”

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