LOOK: Celebrity couples you would wish to grow old together

ABS-CBN.Corp.Comm July 18, 2019 10:07 PM

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While many of us are finding ways on how to stay young looking, or perhaps, yearn to discover a magic that could possibly stop the aging process, there are some who are seemingly excited to see how they will look like once they reach the senior age. People are now sharing selfies of them on social media that are instantly processed via the now-trending mobile application called FaceApp.

The app, with its developers headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, was originally launched in 2017. But it has found resurgence this year as it becomes the top downloaded application in app stores -- ordinary people and celebrities alike, ensuing to the latest fun online dare called the #AgeChallenge.

Thus, in the past few days, our social media feeds have been bombarded with images of our friends and favorite stars, locally and internationally, that displays their appearances once their hair turn into gray, their skins become saggy, and their faces get wrinkly. 


At first glance, one would assume that these are restored photographs of their parents or grannies, but as we take a careful look, we're going to realize that these are indeed photos of themselves! 

Of course, our dearest Kapamilya celebrities didn't let themselves be left behind in this current fad as many of them posted their entries to the #AgeChallenge. 

Some simply uploaded their lovely selfies, which make their followers delighted and envious at the same time as they seem to look the same even when they grow old.

While there are some who uploaded their groupies with their friends and colleagues and snaps with their beloved families and life partners, which make us say "aaaw" as these give us a glimpse of them growing old together amid the test of time. 

Although this new challenge has been bringing fun and delight to us, we should still be very cautious when it comes to utilizing this type of apps. 

Whose transformation blew your mind the most? Or you're looking forward to see?