Pasilip sa mga kaabang-abang na eksena sa 24/7 January 31, 2020 01:59 PM

Julia Montes in 24/7 

Julia Montes in 24/7

JC Santos in 24/7 

Melissa Ricks and Joross Gamboa in 24/7 

Meryll Soriano in 24/7

Benj Manalo in 24/7

Pepe Herrera in 24/7

Anna Luna in 24/7

Paeng Sudayan in 24/7

Julia Montes in 24/7 

Arjo Atayde in 24/7

Edu Manzano in 24/7

Pen Medina in 24/7

Joem Bascon in 24/7

Denise Laurel in 24/7

Eric Fructuoso in 24/7

Alora Sasam in 24/7

Patrick Sugui in 24/7

Just less than a week after Dreamscape Entertainment released a short clip of returning actress Julia Montes’ intensive training on traditional Pinoy martial arts arnis and gun firing as she prepared for her comeback project titled 24/7, the said production unit has finally unveiled the other thespians who are going to be a part of its ensemble.

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To be helmed by renowned television and movie director Manny Q. Palo, joining Julia in the upcoming action drama are veterans Edu Manzano and Pen Medina, bankable actors Arjo Atayde, Joross Gamboa, Joem Bascon, Matt Evans, Benj Manalo, and Patrick Sugui, theater thespian Paeng Sudayan, and talented actresses Meryll Soriano, Anna Luna, Alora Sasam, and Melissa Ricks, who’s also making her TV comeback after taking a hiatus.