#TheSoulmateProject: Look Test of James Reid and Nancy McDonie’s new series

Gerry Plaza February 04, 2020 01:07 AM

You saw her first on viral videos on your social media feeds and YouTube channels, dancing to the tune of her K-Pop girl group’s hits, and somehow compared her beauty with the breathtaking Liza Soberano. And by some stretch of imagination, her mesmerized followers fantasized maybe someday, she’ll star in a locally made teleserye.

Now, this dream has come true.

Nancy McDonie, the captivating Korean-American member of the female idol group MOMOLAND, is soon to star in Dreamscape Entertainment teleserye with Filipino heartthrob James Reid in an Antoinette Jadaone-helmed romantic series, “Soulmate Project.” This is the first time Nancy will get involved in an acting project after years headlining the K-Pop scene with MOMOLAND.

In previous interviews with ABS-CBN News, Nancy was tightlipped on details of the project but hinted that she will play a Korean-American living in the Philippines. Filming of the drama, she revealed, will be in both in the Philippines and South Korea.

This left fans excited with the prospect of seeing Nancy and James together in “Soulmate Project,” as they are deemed quite a spellbinding sight as a tandem.

In this gallery, we see both Nancy and James in a look test to prepare for the romance drama’s filming set to start this month. They are currently in a series of workshops to achieve character development, acting prowess, and of course to set the course of their onscreen “fireworks” as a couple.

In these snaps, we notice them reviewing their scripts and posing in character as a romantic pair, with Nancy, who will play Binna in the series, donning a variety of outfits from a silk pajama to an elaborate gown. James, who will portray Jayson, seemingly an “everyman” character, is also seen in several garbs—from casual streetwear to a tux.

Seeing these photos, we are certainly looking forward to the actual airing of the teleserye, soon on ABS-CBN!