PAANDAR 2019: Tear-jerking scenes in teleseryes that truly broke our hearts this year December 28, 2019 09:36 PM

One thing is for sure- Filipinos will always be hooked on teleseryes because of the heart-tugging and compelling dramatic scenes played by some of the most talented Kapamilya thespians. Every tear, every slap, every argument – all of these are just some of what make up a quality drama series that we enjoy watching day and night. 

As we move on to 2020 in a few days, let’s take a look back on some of the most tear-jerking scenes that definitely broke our hearts and left us crying as we found ourselves, relating and sympathizing to the grievances and heartaches of the characters.

Elmo and Yolly grieved over Makmak's passing
FPJ's Ang Probinsyano


The De Leons grieved over Makmak's (Awra Briguela) death due to Lucas Cabrera’s (Edu Manzano) wickedness. Makmak’s family, especially his adoptive parents, absolutely found it difficult to accept that he would be forever gone as he’d been the answer to their fervent prayers of having their own child. They had so many dreams and ambitions for Makmak, but all of those vanished into thin air in just one gunshot. Meanwhile, Cardo (Coco Martin) assured them that they would give justice to his death.

Lino broke down upon seeing his premature child

Lino’s (Jericho Rosales) eyes spoke volumes for his worries about his premature baby. He asked God for forgiveness and begged him at the same time to make the condition of his baby better. He also prayed for him to be given enough courage to be able to face the current challenge they’re in. His mom uplifted his morale and told him that his son was going to be strong.

The painful breakup of Inno and Eva
Ngayon at Kailanman

Inno (Joshua Garcia) was obviously very excited to see Eva (Julia Barretto) as he brought with him a gift he specially prepared for her – a necklace. However, she seemingly looked otherwise as she looked sad and despondent. She told him that she and her family would be leaving for abroad, but he reminded her that he would still stick to his plan – to fix his family first and then he would follow her. However, Eva told him they could not continue their relationship anymore because they would just hurt their families if they would still choose their love for one another.

Romina soul-shattering reaction upon learning the truth
Kadenang Ginto

Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) broke down in tears upon confirming that Robert (Albert Martinez) and her rapist are one through the DNA test result she received. She was indeed in complete disbelief as the probability of paternity of Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Robert turned out 99.9% positive.

She slumped on the floor in anger as she realized that all along, Robert had been cheating on her as he chose to lie to her over and over again by keeping his darkest and deepest secret. Witnessing the harrowing state of her mom, Cassie remained by her side to console her despite of her confusion about what was going on.

Lucas mourned the death of Sita
Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos

Lucas (Albie Casiño) wasn’t able to hide his sadness over seeing his mom Sita (Ana Abad Santos) in a critical condition. She tried to cheer her son up and told him to be strong because everything would soon be alright. But he retorted that he didn’t everything to be alright because he just needed her to be okay. Lucas asked her to just fight until she becomes okay, but Sita refused to believe that she could still be alive for her son. She then went on to tell him that she already had her dreams fulfilled for she was blessed with a very good and loving son.

Rhian shed tears because of Elai and Sabel's death
The General's Daughter

Rhian (Angel Locsin) was reminiscing beautiful memories she made with Isabel (Maricel Soriano) and Elai (Arjo Atayde). Even before she saw their lifeless bodies before her eyes, Rhian was already grieving in pain. She apologized to their relatives who were also there.

Michael gets emotional while explaining to Mikmik
Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

Michael (RK Bagatsing) couldn’t help himself from crying as he confessed to Mikmik (Sophia Reola) the truth about their relationship as father and daughter. He told him that he had known it for quite some time now, but couldn’t find the proper timing to tell her as he assumed that she might have been expecting someone else to be his father. 

Besides, he also thought that Mikmik would not be glad to know that he is her real father because of his past, yet he expressed how happy he was to be his dad. Mikmik eased his anxieties out by disclosing to him how happy she was that her wish, which was for Michael to be her real father, came true.

Sarah gets emotional with Iking's situation
Hiwaga Ng Kabmbat

Iking (Edward Barber) expressed to Sarah (Maymay Entrata) his serious disappointments over his fate and situation. He imparted how exhausting it had become for him to do everything he could to help the people of Caliente yet they still see him as their enemy. He questioned why God made him look that way and just wished he could just do the normal things that normal people could do and just be happy. Sarah, of course, gave her comforting words to make him feel better.

Drei and Juris finally confessed the truth to Leyna
Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa

Drei (Tony Labrusca) and Juris (Bela Padilla) were not able to stop themselves from getting emotional while telling their daughter Leyna (Iyannah Sumalpong) the truth about her true identity – that they’re not her real parents and they only adopted her six years ago. They opened the touching conversation by reminding her that they both love her so much and that they’ve always been honest with her, yet they needed to keep the truth from her because they thought that she was too young to understand it. Leyna also couldn’t help but shed tears as she realized that she would be going to get reunited with her real mom soon.

Camila’s heartrending breakdown scene
The Killer Bride

Camila (Maja Salvador) looked aggrieved during her reunion with Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) as she told him not to say the name of their presumed dead daughter Vida ever again. She angrily reminded him of how she lost their daughter and how she did not get to do anything to save her during the conflagration. Vito asked her what he could do to alleviate the sorrow he’s feeling but Camilla said that they will surely both suffer forever because they loved each other.

Jessie, sought for a second chance to Janelle
Parasite Island

Jessie (Rafael Rosell) admitted to Janelle (Ria Atayde) how much he misses their child so much after one year of being away with them. He told her how their separation made her feel that there’s a void inside him that needs to be filled every time they are not together. Even though Jessie asked for another chance from Janelle, she sternly refused to give him that, telling him that she would just love him so much only to be exhausted by him later on. According to her, it’s like she married a wall – no sharing, no touching, and no feelings.

Luz broke down upon confirming Fernan’s illicit affair
Pamilya Ko

Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) decided to leave their house due to the overwhelming anger and pain she felt upon confirming that her beloved husband Fernan (Joey Marquez) indeed had an illicit affair with Loida (Irma Adlawan). Her son Beri (Kiko Estrada) was fuming yet confused at the same upon witnessing his mother cry and leaves their house. Luz was being stopped by Beri and Chico (JM de Guzman), as well as her husband Fernan (Joey Marquez), to no avail.

Joan tore up after confessing the whole truth to Leo

Joan (Cherry Pie Picache) was persistently persuading Leo (Aljur Abrenica) to try the food she brought for him. When Leo refused to accept it and got mad that she kept on forcing him to try it, she said she just knew he would love it. After their argument, Joan told him that it’s because he was her son.

The sorrow of Mang Greggy

After making the people of Barrio Maulap happy through the efforts of Teresa (Judy Ann Santos), Mang Greggy (Joel Torre) took the chance to talk to her. Since she is the lawyer of Rosales’ company, Mang Greggy told Teresa how greedy the company is as they make money out of the land property of Barrio Maulap. In return, she slapped into him the fact that she owes so much from her boss, Atty. Robert Salazar (Tirso Cruz III) because he was the one who stood as her father when no one else was there for her.

Which among these remarkable and dramatic teleserye ‘break down’ moments totally tugged your heartstrings and made us all crying as well?