Pak! Ganern: Famous Teleserye & Movie Lines Edition July 07, 2016 09:33 PM
There is a new craze that’s been catching fire on social media these days, the “Pak! Ganern” memes. What started out as an expression used as playful filler but without any definite meaning has now become a catchphrase for just about anything, from quotes, song lyrics, advertising taglines, to famous movie lines.
So, to liven up the last day of the workweek, here are some of the most hilarious “Pak! Ganern” memes from our favorite movies and teleseryes.
1. Starting Over Again (2014). In their famous confrontation scene, Marco (Piolo Pascual) lets out his bitter emotions after his ex-grilfriend Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) comes back asking for another chance. Pak!
2. One More Chance (2007). Popoy’s (John Lloyd Cruz) heartbreaking insight as to why people leave.
3. The Legal Wife (2014). A fierce Angel Locsin marks her territory against a backstabbing, husband-snatching friend.
4. Milan (2004). Jenny (Claudine Barretto) needs to know the real score from Lino (Piolo Pascual). Ganern.
5. Magkaribal (2010). No matter how she says it, you can’t help but tremble because you know Victoria (Gretchen Barretto) means it.
6. Maging Sino Ka Man (2006). Celine (Anne Curtis) is a Pak and she’s damned proud of it.
7. One More Chance (2007). Ikaw na lang uli, Basha (Bea Alonzo)? Ganern?
8. Pangako Sa ‘Yo (2015). Jodi Sta. Maria remakes Amor Powers’ famous line and it still a Pak!
9. No Other Woman (2011). What Kara wants, Kara gets. So go pak her.
10. Bata, Bata... Pa’no Ka Ginawa (1988). Don’t play innocent, because Ojie (Carlo Aquino) definitely knows the truth.
11. One More Try (2012). You got to know that there’s a limit to a woman’s patience. Just ask Jacqueline (Angelica Panganiban).
12. One More Chance (2007). If you’ve left him before, don’t go around asking for another chance from Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) or you’ll get pak. Ganern.