What these Kapamilya stars learned from their fathers

Mary Ann Bardinas June 14, 2018 03:41 PM


There’s definitely no perfect relationship, especially among families. However, whether or not you have rapport with your parents, they have certainly inculcated to us life lessons based on their own experiences that we can apply in our own journeys.

Thus, as our way of paying homage to the men who stand up as our coaches when it comes to the different aspects of life this Father’s Day, we asked a bunch of our Kapamilya stars about the nuggets of wisdom and motivational words their respective daddies imparted to them which they have kept in their minds and have greatly contributed both in their personal and celebrity facets.
Here are the top seven most common tips they got from their inspiring, sensible, and thoughtful Papas:

Always have a positive mindset

What you think has tremendous ability to shape your life for good or bad. That’s why it is really essential for us to maintain an optimistic outlook and control our minds in whatever situation we would be. Don’t let snide remarks, rumors, or controversies totally affect you because these will surely deteriorate your entirety. You should never lose your chill and sanity, lest everything would not turn out fine.

Enjoy and love whatever you’re doing

Yes, life could be depressing and exhausting, but we should not let it spoil our enjoyment and passion for what we are doing. By doing so, we would eventually feel that we’re never going to have to work your entire life. Besides, what’s the point of doing or starting something if you know that you’re not going to be happy with it in the first place?

Be kind and humble at all times

Whatever your status is or wherever you are right now, you should always keep your feet on the ground. Never take advantage of other people just for you to attain the success you’ve been dreaming of. Always harness goodness towards others because you won’t know when karma will hit you and the universe will reclaim everything it has given you. But do good anyway.

Never, ever give up

Surrendering has never been an option. Don’t be discouraged immediately when you fail or what you have wished for is not granted yet. This may sound cliché, but keep on trying until you can and/or succeed. Besides, everything happens at the right time if what you’re asking for is really meant for you.

Never settle for mediocrity

Passion is the ultimate key for us to endure all the challenges we could face in doing something, whether we’re pursuing for our dreams or not. Regardless, don’t be contented with “okay” for it only serves as a standard and you know in yourself that you can absolutely do better done that. Always aim to surpass the expectations of the people around you, and especially of yourself.

Follow your dreams

Our aspirations are indeed the things that motivate us to keep going on. Life is too short to not follow the desires of your heart and happiness so never be resolved until you arrive to your dream destination. Keep on dreaming and working on it no matter what happens.

Keep the faith

Even if we are very busy, we should never abandon our devotion to the Greater Being who provided us with the strength, capabilities, and beauty that we have in order to attain the things we only once dreamt of. Don’t forget to pray and thank Him for everything He has done and will be doing in our lives.

They might reprimand us and remind us repeatedly of things we should do and not, but admit it, they are right, oftentimes. It’s not only our mother who knows best, but our fathers as well. Happy Father’s Day!