10 Female Celebrities Who Have Tattoos That Might Surprise You!

Mary Ann Bardinas July 11, 2018 12:54 AM

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During the ancient times, tattoos signify a person’s membership to a certain clan or tribe.

However, nowadays, tattoos have been used aesthetically – as a medium to express oneself, representation of one’s personality, or sometimes, a design that simply caught the fascination of the person – such as these Kapamilya female celebrities who proudly turned their beautiful bods into living canvasses.

Do you want to know the stories and sentimental meanings behind these celebrities’ awesome and cryptic tattoos? Here are some of them:

Jodi Sta. Maria

She does not only amaze us with her versatility as an actress, but also her admirable personality in real life, which can be seen on her social media platforms. She gives her followers a daily dose of encouragement through her uplifting posts, words of wisdom that can be also be culled from the tat on her ankle.

In her Tonight With Boy Abunda Online Exclusive stint last May 2017, the Sana Dalawa Ang Puso lead start revealed that she had it in 2010 and it’s a phrase from famous Greek philosopher Socrates, stating “Know Thy Self” – the simplest thing that we can do to ourselves that we often forget or disregard.

Angel Locsin

The couple of inks on her left wrist, which is said to be written in Hebrew and if translated to English means “always have and always will”, is the most visible of all. But did you know that she also has a tramp stamp (or the tattoo painted at the bottom of her spine) in Chinese characters? While she already showed the tattoo in a local magazine, its meaning remains unknown.

Zsa Zsa Padilla

Following the death of her long-time partner Dolphy in 2012, the Divine Diva got herself inked of their term endearment, “Lovey”, which was based on his handwriting. She showed it off during her comeback on ASAP, after taking a leave to tend to her ailing late husband, and explained that she had it done on her left arm so everyone will always remember him everytime she sings.

In a media interview, the singer-actress revealed that seeing and hearing her sing on-stage made the Comedy King delighted. It wasn’t only her who paid tribute to him via a tattoo, but his kids and grandchildren as well.

Maxene Magalona

Being an ultimate “Papa’s Girl”, the actress got herself tatted up with “le fille a papa”, the French translation to the term, that can be located on her left wrist.

However, it’s not the only mark that pays homage to her late dad Francis Magalona. She also has a tiara tat on her nape symbolizing her father as king and JM Barrie’s quote derived from Peter Pan: “all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust”, because her father used to think of himself as a boy who never grows old like the popular fictional figure.

And what appears to be her newest tattoo is a cute ribbon stamp on her right wrist, which is a trademark of her favorite cartoon character.

Cristine Reyes

Since the actress obviously has a bold personality, her tattoos also exude her daring self—markings she got from a prominent shop in Hollywood, California in 2010.

She has enormous tats on both of her arms – on her right is an image of a crucifix attached to a rosary while on her left is another crucifix but affixed with hearts.

When asked regarding those, she clarified in a media interview that this is actually not a representation of her being religious, but signifies her faith and penchant for cross necklaces.

Coleen Garcia

At first glance, one would certainly get curious about the meaning behind the enigmatic tat on her back – a creatively drawn anchor attached with heart, butterfly, and infinity sign.

The actress revealed in an interview that it’s actually her own design. The anchor symbolizes strength and stability and also conceals the symbol of faith – the cross. The heart stands for her loved ones while the butterfly is a depiction of her grandmother who raised her. Just like how permanent the tattoo is, the infinity sign is a great reminder that everything she has now will be there always and forever.

Yeng Constantino

To mark the newest chapter of her life three years ago, the Pop Rock icon got herself inked on her wrist with “II XIV XV” the Romanized and abbreviated version of their wedding anniversary. Because according to her MYXclusive stint, she sometimes fail to wear their wedding ring and it’s also an obvious sign that she’s already married.

Aside from that, she also has a tattoo found on her nape, which served as a gift to herself on her 27th birthday.

Arci Muñoz

The Since I Found You star apparently has a bright personality that we surely admire. Thus, she got herself tattooed up with colorful stamps that absolutely represents herself.

We assume that her fascination with the classic anime Sailormoon inspired her to have a small crescent moon in watercolor finish on her left hand. Meanwhile, three pink cherry blossoms complemented by green leaves are spotted on her right.

It’s a known fact that the actress is also the vocalist of the metal rock band Philia. And to mark their more than a decade of performing together, the members got themselves inked with their band’s logo. Hers is red and can be seen on her right arm.

Louise delos Reyes

It’s safe to say that the Asintado actress is creatively minimalist, basing on her Instagram feed and the tattoos she have. She has the word “faith” written in cursive on her left wrist and the abbreviated form of her birth date “09.01.92” at her nape.

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

We actually can’t determine what made the It’s Showtime host get herself as a tat, but what we know is that she had it when he was 18 years old and still in college. During her Kapamilya Chat appearance with Pinoy Big Brother co-host Bianca Gonzales in 2010, she confessed that her dad was actually against it, but she still did it out of “fun”.

Whose celebrity tattoo do you like most and pine to have on your skin as well?