FATHER’S DAY 2018: Kapamilya stars share coolest bonding activity with their dads

ABS-CBN.com June 14, 2018 02:21 AM


Father’s Day is one momentous occasion to celebrate how our dads influenced and loved us all throughout our lives.

And it is fitting to ask our Kapamilya celebrities their favorite, unforgettable bonding activities with their dads as we mark Father’s Day. In this video, it’s heartening to hear them recall those walks in the park and visits to the mall when they were young, how they taught them to drive or bike and those priceless advice about love and life.

They also relish the fact that they continue to be by their side in their current careers as artists. 

This shows how much their fathers have been very much present in their lives, how they support them in all their endeavors, how much they love them every step of the way, and how they would not leave any stone unturned just to give them a good life.

This reflects the kind of love any father would give to his child, no matter what. To all dads, Happy Father’s Day!