GUESS WHO? Celebrities who were almost unrecognizable in their youth!

Krista Baldono July 11, 2018 01:51 AM


Can you take on this challenge?



When their recent picture pops up on screen, you can easily recognize them by taking just one quick glance. You would know how they look—the mesmerizing gaze in their eyes and that infectious smile we can’t forget. But what if their baby pictures or photos from their toddler years are presented to you? Can you guess who they are?



Here are some clues that might help you.



We’ve seen the bulilit stars Alexa Ilacad and Sharlene San Pedro since they we’re young, but would you still recognize them in their baby pictures?



How about the childhood pictures of some of the hottest, most gorgeous women? Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban and Beauty Gonzales’ childhood pictures might really shock you when you encounter them in this gallery.



Also, included here are the toddler snaps of Sylvia Sanchez’s children Arjo Atayde and Ria Atayde.



Watch out as well for the cute baby pictures of your most favorite teen celebrities! Can you recognize James Reid and Janella Salvador in their toddler years? Let’s see if you can identify Daniel Padilla, Julia Barretto and Nadine Lustre in their younger years.



So we hope you can guess who the celebrity is by first looking at their baby photos or images of their younger selves, then swipe or click if you got it right.