The Best of Kapamilya Chat’s AlphaBet Na Bet

Liezel dela Cruz April 16, 2019 08:54 PM

Pinoys have always been obsessed with local showbiz; proving so is how fanatics flock in social media just to be updated about their well-loved celebrities’ latest adventures and affairs. Plus, it gives them the chance to feel closer to the actors they adore. So, if you want to take a glimpse of them behind the cameras, click the play button in this video and get to know your favorite Kapamilya artists from A-Z.

The Kapamilya stars take on the fun Alphabet na Bet Challenge where they are given a limited time to mention their favorite things starting with the letters of the alphabet. It may look as easy as an ABC but the time pressure and on-the-spot rule bring them into a state of mental block. And if they fail to give an answer, these stars’ hilarious reactions would be enough to send you into a planet of laughter.

Some of them showed off their wit instead for the sake of making it to the end of the trail of letters. Kuya Escort Ion Perez of It’s Showtime, for instance, mentioned “sibuyas” a his favorite kitchen stuff that starts with letter C. Just like when Ketchup Eusebio said “Doross” instead of Joross Gamboa when asked about his favorite name in letter D. Other comic replies are Arjo Atayde’s Jurian and Jalanjan instead of Durian and Dalandan; and Vin Abrenica’s Jiraffe, when tasked to give an animal that begins in letter J.

Meanwhile, there are other Kapamilyas who need not open their mouths in reply as their facial expressions and mannerisms are already enough to get us all entertained. Jackque Gonzaga, It’s Showtime’s Ate Girl, looked so nervous as she took on the nail-biting game. While actress Desiree del Valle appeared quite hysterical as she racked her brains for answers. But, there are a few who grabbed the challenge with much zest and competitiveness like Ria Atayde who almost jumped out of her seat in excitement.