Celebrities who found love outside showbiz

Krista Baldono February 11, 2019 01:23 AM

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Being in a relationship with a showbiz personality is somewhat far-fetched for most of us. Imagine, having a famous and good-looking celebrity as your beau would make you a talk of the town, and perhaps be envied by many.

However, there's a catch. You will be under the glare of the spotlight most of the time, and unfortunately be under the scrutiny of the prying public. Despite this, however, such people choose to love these celebrities not because of their popularity or their physical attributes, but because of the incredible persons that they really are behind the camera. 

Here are the Kapamilya stars who achieved peaceful and happy lives with their sweethearts who are not from the show business.

Richard Yap

Even before he soared to ultimate stardom as "Papa Chen" in the 2011 series My Binondo Girl, he has been happily married to his supportive wife Melody, who used to work as a flight stewardess for a prominent airline company. 

Unbeknownst to us, their relationship was initially hindered by Richard’s father because he wanted him to marry someone they chose for him -- the typical tradition among Chinese families. During the presscon of his movie
Mano Po 7: Tsinoy,” he divulged that his stubbornness cost him his claim to their family business, but they eventually reconciled when they gave birth to their son Dylan, the only male offspring among their grandchildren who would bring the family name.

Arci Muñoz

The actress-rocker has found her very own "oppa" in her sweet and understanding businessman boyfie Anthony Ng. Proof of this is the surprise birthday party he threw for Arci that was attended by people close to her and the block screenings he organizes every time she has a movie. Speaking on Tonight with Boy Abunda, she imparted that in their relationship, it is the first time when she totally feels like a girl because she's the one being taken care of instead of being the one who pampers her man.

Thus, it's not surprising if she gets too smitten over him and be open with the idea of walking down the aisle with him someday.

Jerome Ponce

It seems that volleyball superstar Mika Reyes hit the young actor really hard as he admitted to entertainment site PUSH early last year that he needed to adjust his personality in order to keep the balance in their relationship.

Just like other couples, they, too, have a love-hate affair and were initially disapproved by her parents. But these only made them stronger and intensified their affection for one another. 

Jerome met Mika during the former De La Salle Lady Spiker's guesting on ASAP a few years ago.

Alex Gonzaga

Theirs is obviously a case of opposites attract. While Alex is admired because of her wit, wackiness, and versatility, her boyfriend Mikee Morada is her total opposite because of his reserved and peace-loving nature. 

Speaking to Magandang Buhay momshies, Alex imparted that they met through their mutual friend, Piolo Pascual and that the non-showbiz dude had a strong crush on her. At first, sparks were not flying for her, until he absolutely impressed her with his unbelievable efforts, such as surprising Alex by showing up at her dinner with her friends on the night of his birthday.

Jhong Hilario

Eyebrows might have been raising ever since It's Showtime's Sample King confessed their relationship together, but he and Maia Leviste Azores prove that their love could really conquer all. Although they have a 15-year age gap, they are able to withstand the controversies and challenges hand-in-hand and grow sweeter and sturdier throughout their seven years as a couple.

Beauty Gonzalez

Age wasn't also an issue for the seasoned actress when she chose to settle down with her longtime boyfriend Norman Crisologo, an art curator. With 15 years between them, this didn't hinder them to have a happy and beautiful union, which spawned to the birth of their adorable firstborn Olivia Ines.

During one of her Magandang Buhay appearances, the Kadenang Ginto star revealed that they have been friends for four years and she even used to push him to one of her friends. However, he declined and invited her on a date instead.

Since they weren't married yet when their baby girl arrived, she disclosed being anxious, thinking that it was the height of her career and he might leave him. But he extinguished that by giving her a promise ring with two stones that represent her and their daughter when she was still pregnant.

Ina Raymundo

With her sexy figure and youthful glow, it's definitely surprising to know that the Ngayon at Kailanman star is already a mother to five beautiful children with her husband of 15 years, Canadian-Ukranian Brian Poturnak.

In one of their media interviews together many years ago, they divulged that they got introduced by their common friends while in a group date and their romance started out as one-sided, with him relentlessly pursuing her through frequent phone calls since he worked overseas, while she considered him only as a friend. But after calling it quits with her former flame, they dated for two years and had their first child in 2001, two years before tying the knot.

Jugs Jugueta

The Itchyworms vocalist's romance with his awesome wife Andie Aguirre is indeed one of the cutest we've ever heard.

In her surprise appearance on his birthday tribute on It's Showtime, she imparted that they met on their band's guesting on the radio show she formerly hosted. Since then, they became friends and officially became an item during the event spearheaded by a now-defunct radio station in 2006.

Unlike many couples, Jugs and Andie weren't able to travel with only two of them together because her conservative parents didn't allow them, until their engagement in 2013. They exchanged "I dos" in 2015.

Yam Concepcion

A lot of couples have broken up for being in a long distance relationship, but not the Halik star and her boyfie of four years, California-based businessman Miguel CuUnjieng.

In her conversation with the King of Talk Boy Abunda on TWBA, she confessed that it was a love at first sight for them. However, it got impeded when he had to leave the Philippines to pursue his master's degree in the US for two years.

When asked how this complicated setup works out for them, Yam said that their trust, constant communication, deep foundation, and focus on growing as individuals absolutely contributed to their continuously thriving romance.

Joem Bascon

From his intense and serious portrayals in teleseryes and movies, we are able to get a glimpse of his soft and funny side through his appearances in the video blogs of his beauty vlogger girlfriend Crisha Uy.

They met in a party where the hunk actor kept on following her wherever she went. Even though that night ended without them being formally introduced, Joem was still able to contact her through their mutual friend ex-Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Edition housemate April Sun.

The two have been inseparable since then and have remained in love until now. In fact, just this February, Joem stated in an interview that he plans to marry Crisha this year 2019.

Aside from vlogging, they also enjoy hitting the gym and dining together, with Crisha in-charge of cooking while
Joem in washing the dishes.

His gorgeous "Lablab" is not only a visible online, but on television as well, as she already starred in some commercials and teleseryes. Plus, she's also a professional makeup artist.

Teddy Corpuz

Who would forget his whimsical, astonishing, and heartwarming televised nuptials with her lovely wife Jasmine as part of his Magpasikat performance with Jugs and Vice Ganda on It’s Showtime?

However, unbeknownst to us, the couple had faced a lot of challenges before finally reaching their happily ever after.

Speaking to Magandang Buhay momshies, the Rocksteddy frontman revealed that theirs was a whirlwind romance because they became a couple on the same day they met.

Being young and deeply in love, they eloped and tied the knot under a civil ceremony, which really disappointed her mom.

In their 10 years of being together, which brought two adorable kiddos Phoebe Angelica and Theodore John, he eventually turned out to be their most favorite in-law.

Sancho Vito Delas Alas

The FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano star has never let his girl Shanna Retuya walk alone and has always made her feel at home in his arms and heart, especially now that they are engaged.

With the famous Singapore Flyer as their backdrop, he popped out the question and didn’t fail in getting her highly-anticipated “Yes” last year.

Going through their respective Instagram accounts, it’s already obvious in their photos that their longtime romance will lead to the altar.

Joross Gamboa

In her vow during their wedding in 2014, Joross Gamboa’s wife Kathy Kimberly Saga confessed, “I didn’t expect that they would end up with each other because we are not exactly a match made in heaven. There are a lot of times I thought of giving up but it was my love for you that pushed me to fight and work hard for this relationship. Here, in front of you, I can say that it was all worth it”.

Amidst their differences, they are able to overcome them all and the challenges that come their way because they consider each other as their best friend and they put God at the center of their union.

They have been together for almost a decade before they decided to get married in 2014. Fueling their continuously burning and growing love for each other are their cute sons Jace Kyler and John Kody.

Vhong Navarro

In this world wherein the only thing constant is change, it’s almost impossible to find genuine and unconditional affection. That’s why the It’s Showtime host is truly blessed enough to meet the woman who would give him undying love and support amid the controversies he got involved in the past years – his girlfriend for a decade
Tanya Bautista.

They met in the set of the 2008 romantic comedy flick “My Only U,” where Vhong was Toni Gonzaga’s leading man and she was one of the scriptwriters.

On their anniversary in 2016, he posted a recreated poster of the said movie with her face replacing Toni’s and captioned it: “First time ko gumawa ng movie na romcom. Dito ko nakilala ang babaeng nag-aalaga, nagpapasaya, at nagmamahal sa akin nang sobra-sobra! Kaya ang title na “My Only U” ay nababagay sa’yo (Tanya) dahil nag-iisa ka lang na gumawa n’yan sa buong buhay ko. Mahal na mahal kita! Happy Anniversary!”

As they are able to maintain their relationship strong through the years, many are excited to see them walk down the aisle and hear wedding bells soon! However, he has been mum about his proposal and marriage
plans although he believes that she’s already his forever.

Zsa Zsa Padilla

After calling it quits in 2016, then finding their way back to each other again in 2017, Zsa Zsa and her fiancé Architect Conrad Onglao proved us that love is indeed sweeter the second time around.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta was the one who played cupid for this soon-to-be-married couple. On their appearance before in Kris TV, they shared that the Megastar, who’s one of Zsa Zsa’s closest friend and Conrad’s long-time friend and client, was the one who shipped them. With that, the two had their first date on the same week they were introduced and has started their love story since then.

After getting engaged again in 2017, Zsa Zsa shared with the King of Talk Boy Abunda that she and Conrad love to do recreational activities together which makes their bond stronger and keeps the harmony in their relationship.

Angel Locsin

It has been exactly a year ago since the action drama queen Angel Locsin revealed the real score between her and film producer Neil Arce. In one of her interviews in February 2018, the lead star of The General’s Daughter confirmed having boyfriend and girlfriend labels with Neil who has been linked with her for a long time.

Right now, Angel says that Neil is her “happiness” and her “partner in crime”. She disclosed in her exclusive dressing room interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda recently that although she admits that they are talking about marriage and she really sees him as the man she’s going to marry, Angel says that they are currently riding the tide and just enjoying each moment together as they make no plans for the future yet.

Isabelle Daza

“Inintroduce siya sa sa ‘kin with a lot of my friends. Tapos I just got out of a relationship, parang kaka-break like four months ago. So ayoko pa, ayoko pa. Parang for me, foreigner siya so hindi ko siya [type].” 

This was how Playhouse star Isabelle Daza described how she felt with her French husband Adrien Semblat when they first met through a common friend in 2008. Although their love story started on a sour note, it still quite turned out something real and sweet in the coming years.

Sharing their love story after they got engaged in Kris TV before, the lovely couple imparted how Adrien’s efforts and persistency made Belle love him.

The two of them eloped in September 2016 in Tuscany, Italy and after two years, Belle gave birth in April 2018 to their charming firstborn child whom they named Balthazar Gabriel.

Daniel Matsunaga

Well-loved Brazilian-Japanese actor Daniel Matsunaga has been with his gorgeous Polish girlfriend Karolina Pisarek for over a year now. Karolina is a model who finished as a runner-up during the fifth season of Poland’s version of America’s Next Top Model in 2015.

As seen on their respective Instagram accounts, the couple love traveling together and the two have already been a part of each other’s family. In an article in PUSH, Daniel shared that the two of them are serious in their relationship but settling down isn’t around the corner yet. He says that they both want to focus on their career as of this moment.

Iza Calzado

While she was still recovering from a heartbreak, Iza wanted to meet and date a foreigner which she had never done before. In 2011, during a magazine event, she met British entrepreneur Ben Wintle whom she had no idea is the man she’s going to spend her life with.

After five years of being officially together, he proposed to her in October 2017. More than a year after, the couple tied the knot in Palawan. Their beach wedding last December 2018 was attended by their family, relatives, and friends including some of Iza’s closest gals in the showbiz industry.

Rufa Mae Quinto

In their appearance together in Magandang Buhay, this was how Trevor Magallanes explained how he felt about his first meeting with Rufa Mae Quinto during her holiday vacation in San Francisco, California: “I was overwhelmed… It’s Rufa Mae my longtime celebrity crush, so when I first saw her I was extremely nervous and shy and the whole day I was having a panic attack.”

Rufa and Trevor saw something special in each other and since then, the two have been blissfully together. On a dinner with Trev’s family in February 2016, he finally popped the question to her and the two of them got engaged. Shortly in November that same year, they tied the knot at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Libis, Quezon City. The first fruit of their love came in February 2017, whom they named as Alexandria Athena.

Robi Domingo

We all know that Robi Domingo had been single for over a year now. Just recently, rumors spread that he is dating a new girl named Maiqui Pineda who also came from his alma mater, Ateneo De Manila University. Although there are still no direct official confirmations about their relationship, he already admitted he’s dating someone during his conversation with the King of Talk Boy Abunda in September 2018. 

On that same month and year, Robi got a surprise from his MYX family in celebration of his birthday with Maiqui bringing one of his cakes then, sitting beside him in the studio.

Also, Robi posted a holiday season’s greeting on his Instagram account featuring a photo of him and Maiqui tightly hugging each other on New Year’s Day.

Dimples Romana

With God as the “third party” in their relationship, Kadenang Ginto actress Dimples Romana continuous to be in love and stand strong with her husband Boyet Ahmee. Last June 2018, the couple marked their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Their marriage has brought them two wonderful children named Callie Ahmee and Alonzo Ahmee.

Telling their love story in Magandang Buhay, they shared that having an open communication, constantly understanding each other and above all, praying for each other are the main keys to their lasting relationship.

Adrian Alandy

It was in May 2016 when Kadenang Ginto actor Adrian Alandy proposed to his now wife Joselle Fernandez. Shortly after, the couple had a prenuptial photoshoot which made every heart swooned over them. Why? Their shoot was inspired by one of the best-selling books and one of the top-favorite American romantic film of all time “The Notebook”.

After having that elating prenuptial shoot, the couple got married on a garden wedding ceremony on February 2017 in Tagaytay.

Albie Casino

Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos star Albie Casino has been blissful for three years now with his Filipino-American girlfriend Michelle Arceo. 

She is a model and has been crowned in a televised beauty pageant back in 2017. Both still young in their 20’s, the couple currently prioritize their respective careers and has no plans to settle down yet.

JC De Vera

Although they are still yet to be married, Banana Sundae mainstay JC De Vera and the love of his life Rikkah Cruz confirms getting married when the time comes that their baby daughter Lana Athena can walk by herself. According to JC in one of his interviews in Tonight with Boy Abunda, the two of them want their daughter to play a big part in their wedding day.

Their bundle of joy was born in May 2018, and right now, she has been the couple’s center of attention more than their personal careers.

Celebrities may be prominent and popular, but they are people like everyone wanting to be loved and finding the one person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.  And for the aforementioned celebrities, their forever was found just around the corner, where and when they least expected it.