Julia Barretto vs Gerald Anderson in Kapamilya Chat’s ACThing Challenge

ABS-CBN.com May 09, 2019 12:44 AM

For the first time, Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson are teaming up to give fans a story about escaping and finding yourself in the most unlikely places. We are sure that “Between Maybes” is set to be another memorable collaboration between two of the biggest actors today. Another fact we are sure of, they are brilliant at improv, not to mention competitive. How many objects can they reinvent in Kapamilya Chat’s ACThing Challenge?

Gerald turned a feather duster into a blow-dart, a make-up brush for retouching, a toothbrush and a probably not so effective back scratcher. He also came up with a few animal suggestions such as a pet shih tzu and roosters. Julia stepped a bit more outside the box with a lint roller, a foot file, a beard brush, and even a nose trimmer. In the end, he lost but felt that some of her answers was completely ridiculous. In her defense, “do whatever you can”. 

For the second round, Gerald turned an umbrella into a sword, a cue stick and a baseball bat. On the other hand, Julia came up with a flying broomstick like from Harry Potter, a sort of hand-held drill for breaking the soil and even a guitar. Despite his disbelief, “mukha bang gitara ‘yan?” these were accepted. But a line was drawn at piano. “Malala na ‘yan,” Gerald protested, and the judges agreed. Julia gave up much to Gerald’s joy. He even got down to his knees.

Unfortunately for the actor, there is one last round. The tie breaker was a broomstick which made Gerald completely panic. At one point, he just dropped it on the floor. So, they sat for a while trying to come up with something.

Check out this video to see who wins the last round? Or just have a laugh as Julia and Gerald get competitive!