The Making of How To Be Yours July 23, 2016 07:58 PM

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson team up for the first time on the big screen in the romantic flick “How To Be Yours” under Star Cinema.

The movie, which will be shown in cinemas starting July 27, explores the story of a couple, Niño (Gerald) and Anj (Bea), who are caught between their love for each other and their bid for their dreams. Gerald explains that his character Niño is at the age and point in his life when he already wants to settle down and he found “the one” in Anj. However, Anj still has big dreams that she wants to fulfill and although Niño is very supportive, her ambition starts to tear them apart. Writer Patrick Valencia further explains that “How To Be Yours” shows that love is not all rosy all the time, there will always be painful parts. The title even speaks of how some trials in a relationship can make you question how you can give more of yourself to your loved one.

Meanwhile, Gerald, who admitted in a recent interview that Bea was his childhood crush, says that he agreed to do the project right away as soon as he learned that it was with the actress, adding that it was a privilege he just wouldn’t pass up. Bea herself also felt that it would be interesting to work with Gerald, saying that it was simply the right time. The film’s award-winning director, Dan Villegas, also shares that he accepted the project without any second thoughts when he found out that it’s going to be with Gerald and Bea. It makes perfect sense since he had fun working with Gerald before in “Always Be My Maybe” and he has also worked with Bea back when he was still a cinematographer. Dan also makes a case that the lead stars’ reported history lends their tandem the kind of innate chemistry that you just can never fake.

Find out how Bea and Gerald’s characters came into being and what the two stars learned from playing their roles in this exclusive video of the making of “How To be Yours.”