Megastar Sharon Cuneta's Star Cinema Filmography

Mary Ann Bardinas December 06, 2018 12:07 AM

In her four decades in the local entertainment scene, Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s sparkle continues to radiate and inspire her fans and the next generation of artists alike. 

Initially famous for her formidable flair as a recording artist with a string of classic hits under her belt at the beginning of her career, her impeccable and beyond impressive skills in acting was gradually noticed in the blockbuster and remarkable films she starred in through the years, such as the following movies she made under Star Cinema:

Madrasta (1996)

Marking her first collaboration with Star Cinema, the veteran actress played the role of Mariel, the supportive wife of Edward (Christopher de Leon) and the nurturing stepmother to his three children portrayed by Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garcia, and Camille Prats. She strived to obtain their full acceptance and affection and to squeeze herself into their lives as she figures out her role in the family.

Of course, who would forget this unforgettable confrontation between the two main characters?
Edward: Asawa lang kita!

Mariel: You're absolutely right. 'Yan lang ang tingin mo sa akin – tagahanda ng isusuot mo [at] ng kakainin mo, taga-ayos sa bahay mo, tagasalo sa mga problema mo. I was never your partner; I'm just your wife kaya di mo ako nirerespeto.

Because of her compelling performance in this family drama, she was declared the Grandslam Best Actress winner for that year, aside from the Best Actress awards and nominations she received from other award-giving organizations. 

Minsan, Minahal Kita (2000)

Four years after, Sharon found herself stuck in abusive and illicit relationships as she took on the role Dianne, a submissive and battered wife to his rude and arrogant husband Louie (Edu Manzano) who veers away her attention from the pains and loneliness she experiences through her job as a freelance facilitator for self-improvement seminar. But her life suddenly changed when she met Albert (Richard Gomez), a real estate developer who’s married to the affluent yet neurotic Menchu (Angel Aquino), to whom she would have an extramarital affair.

Although they found the happiness and genuine love they’ve been yearning for in each other’s arms and even planned to elope and starting a new life, Dianne still chose her son over her one great love in the end.
It was refurbished digitally by ABS-CBN Film Restoration in 2016 and was shown during the Valentine’s week of the same year.

Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003)

Inspired by one of the entries in the Himig Handog Love Songs Competition in 2002 bearing the same title, this tells the story of two college friends Emmy (Sharon Cuneta) and Vince (Aga Muhlach) who eventually became best buddies as they go along with their lives. Among their barkada, it was only them who are unmarried yet because of two different reasons – Emmy’s too focused with her career while Vince is still a ‘chick boy’ who dates several girls.

However, their relationship started to develop into something romantic when the former discovered that she’s been secretly in love with him for a long time while the latter realized that it was with her that he could find the true love he’s been searching for. They ended up in each other’s arms in the end.
This might be their first movie team up, but their on-screen chemistry instantly struck our hearts.

Caregiver (2008)

Helmed by respected director Chito S. Roño, this melodramatic movie chronicles the life of a matriarch who left her only son and her job as a grade school teacher to work on a more high-paying job – as a caregiver in London.

Portraying the lead protagonist Sarah Gonzales, the Megastar had the chance to experience first-hand the tough challenges faced by every Filipino caregiver everyday – biting cold weather, dirty and hefty work, and patients who are difficult to deal with.

Apart from the struggles brought about by her job, she also have to fix the conflict between her and her husband Teddy (John Estrada), who also works in a hospital in London. He later on gave up and decided to return to the Philippines, while Sarah opted to stay in order for her to give their son a better life.

These circumstances transformed her from a completely submissive wife who just heeds to the plans of her domineering husband to an empowered woman who follows her own aspirations and desires.  

This movie was Star Cinema’s offering for Mother’s Day and for its 15th year anniversary in service and the 52-year-old singer-actress’ gift to her loyal fans for her successful 30 years in the show business.

BFF: Best Friends Forever (2009)

The following year, Sharon once again starred in the film outfit’s Mother’s Day presentation for that year as she headlined this top-grossing flick alongside Ai-Ai Delas Alas that tells the story of two best friends who later found out that they’re in love with the same man – Tim/TJ – played by seasoned actor John Estrada.

In pursuit of making herself physically appealing upon discovering a sexy lingerie in her husband’s possession, suggesting that he’s having an affair, the conservative homemaker Honey (Sharon) enrolled herself to a gym where she met the liberated and fun-loving Frances (Ai Ai). She immediately found a true friend in her as she didn’t only helped her with the routines and exercises as her personal fitness instructor, but in her personal and family problems as well. Despite their contrasting personalities and perspectives on relationships and raising their kids, an idyllic best friendship still bloomed between them.

However, their relationship started to crumble when Tim’s secret was finally unraveled, ensuing to an intense strife between them that includes catfights and incessant hilarious word wars.
The narrative concluded with Honey and Frances forgiving him and maintaining their friendship even beyond the sudden demise of Tim.

This was the Megastar’s first collaboration with the late Director Wenn V. Deramas and fellow box-office queen Ai Ai.

Unexpectedly Yours (2017)

Her reunion movie with Robin Padilla after 16 years, this romantic comedy brought kilig not only to those who followed their tandem ever since their early films Maging Sino Ka Man (1991) and Pagdating ng Panahon (2001), but also to younger generations as well who are the same age range of their co-stars Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia.

It chronicles how romance blossomed between high school friends Patty (Sharon) and Cocoy (Robin) whose paths unexpectedly crossed after 30 years as neighbors and as the main organizers of their high school batch’s get-together. Well, it was not only them who were able to find love along the way as her stern unica hija Yanni and his mischievous nephew Jason fell with other as well.

Box-office and rom-com legendary director Cathy Garcia-Molina helmed this movie. 

Three Words to Forever (2018)

Eighteen years after their team-up in Minsan, Minahal Kita, Sharon got reunited with Richard Gomez in this on-screen project. It follows the story of a couple, Rick (Richard) and Cristy (Sharon) who had been addressing their troubled marriage in the midst of their daughter Tin’s (Kathryn Bernardo) engagement with her boyfriend (Tommy Esguerra) and the forthcoming wedding anniversary of Cristy’s parents (Liza Lorena and Freddie Webb).

This Cathy Garcia-Molina masterpiece currently being shown in theaters grossed P6.5 million just on its opening day last November 28.