Raymond Bagatsing’s best answers to Kapamilya Chat’s Best Questions

ABS-CBN.com May 29, 2019 09:34 AM

Raymond Bagatsing, who plays the lead role as the late president Manuel L. Quezon in the film “Quezon’s Game,” is on Kapamilya Chat to take on the “Best Questions” Challenge!

First on the list, Raymond tells us that he can’t quite remember when his last best kiss exactly happened because of being so preoccupied by his busy work schedule. However, he says that it probably happened while he was on a vacation.

Next, he revealed that he is usually lying down on his bed like he’s giving his bed a hug. He admits to be someone who likes to have many pillows with him and wanders around the whole bed until he falls asleep.

Another thing Raymond is guilty of is being in love with sweets. He shares that he likes a lot of flavors but what came to his mind is pistachio, when he was asked about what is the best ice cream flavor for him is. He likes toffee with honey and nutty or fruity flavors too depending on his mood, he says.

Being asked about what he thinks is the best body part of the opposite sex is, Raymond answers that it’s the nape and the neck of a woman. He says that for him, “it’s very sensual yet very classy and very sexy.”

Meanwhile, his top three most interesting answers happened when he was asked about what best break-up line he has ever heard or said, what best pick-up line he has ever heard or said and what best advice he could give to an aspiring celebrity is. The best break-up line for him is: “You know what? I will always love you.” Then, the best pick-up line for him goes this way: “Hindi ka ba napapagod? Kasi kanina ka pa takbo ng takbo sa isip ko ‘e.” And the best advice he could give to an aspiring celebrity is simple: “Do what you love and just love what you do.”

Apart from those, Raymond answers what his best asset is, who is the best person for him to text at 3am and what is the best food for him to eat while in bed.

Check out the rest of Raymond Bagatsing’s answers to those “Best Questions” in this Kapamilya Chat video!